About Dog Food

There are 3 types of commercially prepared dog foods that are available in the market today: Canned foods, Semi-moist foods, and Dry foods. Along with this list it can be subdivided into categories such as: organic, gourmet, homemade and more. Some great tips:

For the simple purpose of this article, we will go over the three most common types of commercial purchased dog food.

Canned Foods

canned dogfoodCanned dog food comes in many varieties which range in price and quality. These foods typically consist of about 75% water and are mixed with assorted meat, fish, and cereal by-products. On the positive side, they are easy to get ready and dogs love them! Even the kids can easily feed the dog with canned dog food products.

On the negative side, however, canned foods produce low-energy nutrients, which mean that you would need to give your dog a big serving in order to provide him with the required energy he needs.

If you are feeding a large dog, you would have to double the amount of servings, in order to provide the proper nutrients. This makes canned food an expensive and unpractical dog feeding solution. In order to resolve this dilemma, an easy fix is to mix canned dig food with dried food. The mixture will provide more energy for your dog and will also add volume to the food, thereby saving you money.

Another alternative is to purchase the kind of canned food that only contains meat, and no additional fillers. These are called “all meat canned foods”. Comparable to ordinary canned dog food, “all meat” canned food does not supply your dog with the appropriate amount of energy your dog needs. In order to get enough energy, you would need to give him huge amounts of the food, and this will result in an unbalanced diet. Therefore, all meat canned foods should also be mixed in with dried foods or even semi-moist food.

Semi-Moist Foods

This type of food has high absorption and only contains 15 to 30% watersemi-moist dog food content; this does provide more energy for your dog in less amount of volume than canned foods. The ingredients consist of meat, cereals, vegetables, sugar, and fats. Semi-moist dog food is easy for your dog to digest and they seem to enjoy the taste. They are offered in a wide variety if flavors, with no refrigeration needed. Many dog owners feel that semi-moist dog food is the most convenient way to feed their dogs.

On the negative side, semi-moist foods can be quite expensive. They can also be filled with high levels of sugar and corn syrup. This is an absolute NO for any dogs who may have diabetes. Other harmful additives to these foods are high amounts of artificial colorings and flavors. This type of dog food is best given only on occasion rather than using as a source of a daily diet.

Dry Foods – Can get messy but kids can feed the dog.

dry dog foodDry dog food typically contain about 10% water, and provide high energy value for your dog. On the positive side, they are the least expensive of all the dog foods. Storage is easy and this type of dog food can be stored in bulk. No refrigeration is needed and the shelf life can also be extensive. This is a major factor when it comes to pet owners preferring this to have a food for their dog and considerate it to be the most economical way of feeding their dogs.

On the down side, the majority of commercially processed dried foods contain massive amounts of cereal and are the protein level is quite low. This can be offset by mixing dry food with canned foods. This will result in a more well-balanced diet for your pet. Another key that will help is tomake your own dog food choose a brand that contains meat as its main ingredient.

Of course, there is no alternative for making home-made dog food. This will insure that all the ingredients are fresh and healthy for your dog. If you are not able to make your own dog food and need to rely on commercial blends, PLEASE make sure to constantly check on dog food recalls. Keeping your pet healthy should be a priority.

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