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HRS4Pets is a site dedicated to finding and posting the best information and money saving ideas for your pet’s health. Having been a dog owner for more years that we can remember, it has become goal to help others love and enjoy their wonderful pets as we have and also stay within a budget. We will strive to give our readers:

  • The latest and top dog training trends and products.

  • Help find and identify the best money saving ideas.

  • Keep our posts fresh and always strive to offer value.

Learning what’s in and what to stay away from in the pet industry can be critical to the health and well being of your dog. We plan to research, explore and pass on what ever important facts you should know about. We will also try and keep all our readers engaged with some fun and dog humor.

Having a dog should bring you and your family the most wonderful memories of your life and that’s what we want to help with.

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Richard Hatch