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The Dog Adoption Process

The dog adoption process should begin with a series of questions and answers which will need careful consideration. Adopting a dog does not begin or end by choosing your future best friend at an animal shelter or a dog rescue facility. It’s so much more than just taking in a homeless dog. There are so …

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About Dog Food

There are 3 types of commercially prepared dog foods that are available in the market today: Canned foods, Semi-moist foods, and Dry foods. Along with this list it can be subdivided into categories such as: organic, gourmet, homemade and more. Some great tips: For the simple purpose of this article, we will go over the …

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Adopting A Dog

Too often we have seen this scenario when adopting a dog. The pup is brought home to a happy, loving child just waiting to hold the new puppy. The puppy’s tail is wagging and serious licking takes place. What a wonderful sight! Unfortunately, the excitement wears off fast. Not so exciting when the new puppy …

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Best Puppy Toys

You would no more have a puppy without puppy toys than you would have a small child without kids toys.  But you would be very careful not to give kids toys that could hurt them. Toys with removable or very small as these types of toys could seriously hurt your baby. This is the same …

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Choosing the Perfect Puppy

Some things you may want to consider before you set out to pick the perfect puppy that will fit right into your family as well as your personality. If you’re thinking of purchasing a puppy, you may want to consider that millions of dogs who are in shelters that are put down each year.  Many …

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Before Your Start Training Your Dog

Having some tips that will help you when you start training your dog will be extremely helpful.  First it is important to realize how your dog thinks.  Dogs are pack animals, and that’s something you need to understand to have the best possible connection you can with your pet. If you master this basic concept, …

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