Backpacking With Your Dog

DOG BACKPACKPlanning a weekend go go  backpacking with your dog or a day hike with your dog sounds like a great idea and full of fun for you both. But it is important to note that your dog needs some special preparation to stay happy and safe during the whole hiking adventure. You may want to start preparing your dog for hiking trips by first practicing with shorter walks then eventually small hikes. It is not until after your pet starts building his/her hiking skills, understands and obeys your commands and can you are feeling in full control of your pet should you consider taking a long hiking trip. Using a dog backpack is a great way for you go start training your for hiking and this will also allow your per to carry some of their own supplies.

Here are some tips for Backpacking with your dog.:


  1. Plan Ahead: The most important rule for enjoying an amazing hiking trip is to plan ahead. Check for the trail online and find complete map for the area so that you can recognize the difficulties of your path. It must be dog-friendly and weather condNew Imageitions must be favorable. It is good to read reviews of other people to take judgment of trail and arrange your dog’s backpack trip according to that.


  1. Is your dog ready? Hiking is difficult for both of you and it demands good stamina so prior to your move towards trail it is important to check whether your dog is in good physical shape prepared or not. Make sure he had proper rest prior to hike and he must possess enough energy to go.


  1. Pack water and food: Being a responsible dog owner, you must have a good preparation for your dog’s food and water needs. Your dog may need it again and again to replenish his body so make sure you have plenty of water and food itegreat dog treatsms. Have some good dog treats handy.


  1. Check for Id Tags: When backpacking with your dog, many of you might have gone through heartbreaking signs saying lost dog before entering the trails. It doesn’t matter how tractable your dog is, it is important to fix his recent Id tag on his collar correctly to avoid the risk. Different locations of trails can lead to any happening so it is important to be ostrong dog leashn safer side.


  1. Strong leash: It is important to have a durable and strong leash for your dog to keep him safe from deceitful gurney. Make sure the dog backpack you use has a leash loop to secure your pet when needed.


  1. First aid kit: When you are going for hiking it is not always simple to be safe but it isemergency dog first aid kit important to be careful. Dog backpack can hold a small first aid kit with all emergency items like tape, scissors and gauze. You can find them easily at your local pet care store or various offers are available online.


  1. Don’t forget your cell phone: Sometimes hiking is good option to escape away from your phone but it is important to carry this device to beat emergency situations. You must have all emergency contacts with you to deal with any major situation.


  1. Take proper breaks: Dogs possess endless energy but still breaks are necessary to avoid tiredness. You have to hike too long and your dog must be full of energy till your hike finishes. So prefer to take regular breaks during your gurney and keep your dog energetic by feeding him time to time. Treats are always fun.

All these points will help you to stay safe during your hike and you will be able to get an amazing experience with your pet.