Before Your Start Training Your Dog

training your dogHaving some tips that will help you when you start training your dog will be extremely helpful.  First it is important to realize how your dog thinks.  Dogs are pack animals, and that’s something you need to understand to have the best possible connection you can with your pet. If you master this basic concept, it will be easier to successfully train your dog.

Dogs like to be around people and they are wonderful companions even when they are puppies, all the way to adulthood. Dogs instinctively want to be part of a group and maintain their position within that group.  Animals that are part of a pack divide their pack into levels, using the leader from the pack at the very top. This leader sets the pace and direction for that pack.

The next level is like the number two guy or second in command, and each one at a lower level has less dominance in the dog traininggroup until you reach the very bottom.  Within a pack, dogs understand where each animal in the group sits in the chain of command and they fall into those roles naturally. Because of their instinct, dogs want to be part of a pack, or group, and that is why they so easily fit a family group of people.

When you first bring a puppy or even an adult dog home, it routinely views each person in the household as part of their new pack.  They instinctively will need to determine where they fall or fit in the pack. This will allow your dog to recognize who leads and who will follow.

Problems occur when no one stands out to be the clear leader. You have to establish yourself as head of the pack as soon as you bring your dog home.  Your new family member will get confused if there is no leader and your dog’s instinct will be to become the leader. Even a puppy will attempt to fill the leader position, because it knows that there has to be one.

If you can establish yourself as the leader right away, training your dog will be a much easier job.  Your new dog will fall into its spot among the pack and happily view you as the one in charge.  There are a few important things you can do to make sure your dog knows that you’re the boss:

Physical contact: It’s important that you pet and brush and groom your dog often.  Even if your pet doesn’t like being brushed or having his nails clipped, you are the leader and can’t let him get his way.

Ground rules:  Don’t let her chew on your shoes or other personal items because you think it’s cute. This is a bad habit and can become almost impossible to break in the future.  This will also confuse your pet causing unwanted anxiety.

Consistency:  When your puppy does something you don’t like, stop him from doing it. Be careful with this as you need to be consistent and stop him every time for this behavior.  Make sure to ALWAYS praise our dog when he does something right.

By following these basic rules to establish yourself as the leader and always in charge will save you a great deal of aggravation and frustration as your puppy becomes a wonderful adult dog.