Best Hands Free Dog Leash

Best Hands Free Dog Leash:

Unleash your pet and yourself with this high quality, hands free dog leash from HRS4Pets. This bungee leash is strong and easy for use and keeps your dog within controllable reach while allowing it to move around freely without pulling you along. Stretching pure nylon built of the leash stretches from 36 inches to 52 inches without tightening the strap around dog’s neck.

Hands free bungee dog leash is great for joggers, athletes and such dog owners who want to spend time with their pets outside while keeping space for other work. Hands free dog leash frees your both hands from having to hold the leash, thus allowing you to use your mobile phone, do stretching exercises on the move without paying constant attention on your dog.
It comes with metal connectors at each end of the dog strap, stretching bungee leash and waist belt. Silver zinc alloy clip of the belt guarantees extended use of the belt with extra durability. It also features a quick detaching mechanism that ensures complete safety of the pet owner and dog.
This hands free dog leash is recommended for dog lovers who intend to give more space for their dogs to move while still keeping them in safe distance. It is great a great gift idea for a dog lover or a dog trainer.

Hands Free Dog Leash Specifications/ Features;

  • High quality pure nylon material of the stretching dog leash ensures durability while allowingHands Free Dog Leashg you to walk, run and go jogging freely with your dog.
  • 30” to 45” adjusting waist belt makes it convenient for you to wear the dog leash comfortably without loosening or tightening too much.
  • D-shape metal ring attached to waist belt prevents the hands free leash from tangling allowing free and easy movement while guaranteeing extra durability.
  • Dual purpose: Can be used both as a hands free dog leash or hand held dog leash.
  • Quick detaching leash improves safety of both pet owner and the dog.
  • 6” to 12” adjustable strap allows comfortable movement of the dog with when running, sitting and making quick moves. Strong metal connectors prevent the leash from dangling