Best Puppy Toys

You would no more have a puppy without puppy toys than you would have a small child without kids toys.  But you would be very careful not to give kids toys that could hurt them. Toys with removable or very small as these types of toys could seriously hurt your baby. This is the same rule you should follow for are baby dogs. Good judgment is must whey you’re looking to buy puppy toys for your new pet.

Puppy ProofIt’s good to buy toys that your puppy will stay interested in and have fun playing with. You will need to let your puppy play with toys they can chew on but not destroy.  Stimulating toys will keep them busy and allow them to use some of that extra energy they keep stored. Playing with and chewing toys will keep them from perhaps chewing your new shoes, or even the table leg that they think is a good stick. Good puppy toys should never have sharp edges that can easily cut their gums.  Toys should be fun and allow your puppy to learn so it’s important to make sure the toys you give them will not accidentally hurt them.

Puppy toys that are too small can be a huge hazard. You need to be certain that the toys you give your puppy aren’t too small.  The same thing goes with a little baby. They will put everything in their mouth and don’t understanding that they could choke. The same principal applies to a puppy. They will also chew on everything and anything.  A caution should also be taken if a puppy toy can be broken down or chewed into small pieces that could get lodged in your puppy’s throat.

choosing puppy toysYou can find great puppy toys on-line at a site like Amazon or at a puppy supply store.  It is so important to read labels, making sure that the dogs you are looking at are specifically designed for puppies. If your purchasing on Amazon, make sure to read the reviews that are written by folks that have already purchased the toy.  Toys intended to be good chew toys when your puppy is teething, and toys in bright color can stimulate puppies and keep them interested. Toys that move or roll and make noise are ideal.   After about 3 months, a puppy will still enjoy chewing.  Its instinct is to chew, and it helps them cut teeth, just like babies do.  So anything that they can chew without destroying makes an ideal toy. Once again, READ THE REVIEWS if purchasing on-line. 

You also don’t’ have to spend a ton of money on puppy toys. You may want to try looking in the “children’s department” or section of any store, even online. Some baby toys will also work for puppies. Toys that roll or bounce are a good idea but the guidelines mentioned above should be followed. Take time to carefully watch how your puppy plays with their new toy so you can get a good idea as to the strength of the toy. This also gives you a opportunity to not only inspect the new toy but spend some quality time with your new pet.

One of the most popular brand of toys for puppies are sold by  “Kong”  toys.  They’re a fun shape, and the hard rubber is ideal for enthusiastic chewing.  The centers are unfilled so you can fill them with dog treats to give your puppy special enticement for chewing.  Kong toys also have a great track record for pet safety.

The most important thing about getting good puppy toys is to make sure they are safe, keep your puppy occupied and will last for a good bit of time.

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