Choosing the Perfect Puppy

perfect puppySome things you may want to consider before you set out to pick the perfect puppy that will fit right into your family as well as your personality. If you’re thinking of purchasing a puppy, you may want to consider that millions of dogs who are in shelters that are put down each year.  Many puppies are also available in shelters and it’s definitely worth a look. So if you’re ready to start looking for your perfect puppy, here are a few points to look for:

  Puppies Need Time: How much time will you be able to spend with your puppy?  There are specific breeds, such as border collies and boxers that need a lot of time and attention. They don’t like to be alone for any length of time. They love being with a family and do get frightened when left alone for too long.  Being realistic as to what to expect with your new puppy can be a perfect recipe for having the perfect puppy.

  One Size Will Not Fit All:  Perhaps your new perfect puppy is just a cute little sweetie when you first get him/her but WAIT, within the next few months you may have a giant lap dog. If your housing is small or you live in an apartment you may need to take a longer look at what breed will adapt into your life. Large dogs have a tendency to need more room to roam and will also have a larger appetite and want to eat more often. This will also mean they will need more exercise and need to go out more. Just keeping these few points in mind will lead you to an educated decision.perfect puppy

  Breed Traits Should Be Researched: Choosing the perfect puppy should not be determined on looks alone. Boxer puppies are one or my favorite puppies. They are just adorable but they are not a breed that everyone will or should choose. The time you take to do your research will totally pay off in the end and you will be making an educated decision.  Some breeds shed more than others, while some breeds have known behavioral issues. For example, Great Pyrenees dogs are very beautiful and popular, but they are bred for livestock guarding and not apartment living.

  Look for Inherent Health Issues:  Certain breeds are prone to specific health issues more so than others. This has become a larger problem than in the past due to below standard breeding practices.  Although one breed could have a congenital health history, another breed could a tendency for digestive problems. For instance, German Shepherds and Boxers are commonly known to suffer from hip dysplasia. Some smaller dog breeds might experience skin problems or eye problems.

  Pick The Right Breeder:  Future health and behavioral problems can be minimized by selecting a good breeder.  After you have chosen a breed that’s a good fit for you, the next step is to shop for a breeder. By contacting the breed’s registry you can find an approved list of breeders. This can save you money and time but can also save you from making the wrong choice.

  Shelter Pets Are An Excellent Choice:  Although shelter pets are not the best alternative for some, they may be a wonderful option. This is a great decision especially if you are opened adding an older dog to your family. Adopting a dog from a Shelter is a gift.  You can not only save a life by adopting a shelter pet but you still end up with a magnificent and loyal forever friend.

Finding the perfect puppy is an emotional decision, so it’s important to keep these points in mind before you make your final choice. Once you’re armed with the right information, you’ll be able to find that perfect puppy that the whole family will enjoy and love.