Dog Training

Dog training can be a daunting task so before you begin you should consider all your choices. There are many options and various types of training available for dog. Many have different qualities and the prices also vary quite a bit.

Not all dog training programs are alike – Your dog may never be able to do this but you can always hope! Here are some starter tips.

dog training

Puppy preschool is usually the first type of dog training. This is perfect for puppies from six weeks to five months old. They can usually last for up to eight weeks. During this puppy training your pup will learn basic commands such as, sit, stay and to come when called. The most important part of this dog training is to teach your puppy to socialize. Getting along with other pets as well as other people is an essential part of your dogs training.

The second type of dog training is intended for dogs that are at least five months old. This is the basic training part and is fundamental to all dog training. These training sessions can last for eight to ten weeks. In this basic dig training, your dog is taught the skill of walking correctly on the leash, sitting, remaining, coming and heeling.

4440680_s (2)The third kind of canine training course is called the intermediate dog training. This canine training is aimed at teaching your dog mostly the same stuff that is trained in a basic training program, inside a more in depth form. Here your dog will learn to stay for an extended length of time, and it is trained to follow along with the commands provided by others.

Intermediate dog training generally lasts for about eight to ten weeks, a puppy should be a bit older than five months for this training. It is important for the dog to have successfully completed the basic dog training course, and be able to follow basic commands that may have been taught by the owner.

Now your pet is ready for advanced training. This the next step in line for training your dog. This step is also similar to the intermediate dog training program with the exception that this training is more intricate and demanding on the pet.

Here, the dog is taught how to sit even without you in the view. They are trained to walk beside their owners dog trainingwithout the use of a leash. This will train your dog to get ready for the Canine Good Citizen training program. This should be the last step in your dog training process. Your dog will need to have completed all the previous dog training steps and be well behaved. This last step can also last for several weeks.

With all these training programs in mind, you should be able to have a good handle on which training course your dog is ready for. It’s also a good idea to touch base with some local dog trainers who can give you some good direction and tips. Often trainers will consult without charging you a fee.

 Hopefully this has helped you and your wonderful pet get ready for the perfect dog training program.

Till next time!

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