Puppy Training Fundamentals

puppy trainingPuppy Training Fundamentals

When you first get your new puppy home, get ready to start training your new pup using puppy training fundamentals. Good training techniques, used right away can make or break having a well trained adult dog or having more of a naughty adult pet. Bad habits are hard to break so it is a better option to start with the right training. Here are five easy guidelines for training your new puppy.



1. Keep calm – Your new puppy will be quite sensitive and nervous when you first get him home. They can’t handle stressful situations so it’s a good idea to be gentle and keep calm when working with your new puppy. Rough play can be confusing and be misinterpreted as disciplining your pup. Your puppy will be ready to learn and start getting trained as soon as they get home but being gentle and keeping clam with your pup will help in the long run.

2. Short Attention Span – Puppies have very short attention spans. Effective learning can only take place when your pup can pay attention and understand the commands you are teaching. When your puppy physically and mentally ready to learn, these tasks will become fun and successful. By keeping training sessions short and on task, your puppy will progress and puppy house training will progress.

3. Patience Is A Virtue – Results will not be achieved overnight and the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your pup as well as yourself. Puppies will learn in short sprits using competitive commands during these little training sessions. If they seem to forget from time to time, it’s normal. Just keep going but exercise patience and eventually your training goals will be accomplished.

4. Keep It Simple – By using a very simple step-by-step repetitive process, your puppy will soon learn wonderful behavior. Keeping the training sessions short and simple is the best way for your puppy to master each step. As time goes on, you can increase the time as well as intensity of your training tasks.

5. Confidence Is Key
– Confidence is a central part of every healthy and well trained adult dog. Building confidence starts when the dog is just a young pup. This is easily achieved by using positive reinforcement. Whenever you spend time with your puppy just keep in mind “think positive” and always reward your pup for good behavior. This does not mean you have to stay in a training mode at all times. On the contrary, if you can turn play time into reward time, this will become pleasant as well as satisfying for you and your pup.

These five foundations are vital to master your puppy training fundamentals and will insure great results for raising a well trained healthy dog. Keeping your puppy safe and happy should be the initial goal to strive for.puppy training guide