The Dog Adoption Process

The dog adoption process should begin with a series of questions and answers which will need careful consideration. Adopting a dog does not begin or end by choosing your future best friend at an animal shelter or a dog rescue facility. It’s so much more than just taking in a homeless dog. There are so many things that go into the adoption process, and this will define your long-term relationship with the dog you want to adopt and the dog that is right for you and your family. Here are some steps to consider.

Selection Process
This step is determined mainly on your personal preferences. Many pet owners, nor pet owners to be, already have their hearts set for a specific dog breed or type of dog they are looking to adopt. Some have their sights set on purebreds, while others are comfortable taking home mutts or mixed breeds. Many just want to see which pet will steel their hearts and have no specific breed in mind.puppy adoption
In general, there should be at least three characteristics that you should look for in a dog. First, are the traits that you want in the dog you are looking to adopt. Second, are the qualities that you want and are “must haves”. And finally, the inherent traits that a specific breed has that you don’t want.
By answering the following questions it may help to narrow the field and assist you in identifying a dog that may be a good fit:

  Breed – Purebred or mutt?
Size – Big, midsize, small, or little?
Activity level – High-energy or low-energy?
Grooming and maintenance – High-maintenance or low-maintenance?
Exercise needs – Plenty or not so much?
Age – Puppies, adult or senior?

Now that your ready to start looking, you need to know where to start.

Where Can I Find A Dog To Adopt

There are a few places from where you can find a dog to adopt:

  • From an animal shelter
  • From a breed-specific rescue group
  • From general rescue group.

Animal shelters often serve as short-term shelters for dogs that were rescued from the streets. A breed-specific group will only house rescue dogs of that breed. Rescue groups, often called “animal foster care”, house dogs in home-like settings where the dogs are observed and taken care of.shelter dogs

It is a great idea to research your potential sources before you go looking. Most of them can be found easily on-line and have websites which can provide a great deal of information about their available dogs. Also, physically check their facility. They should be clean, and offer safe environment and loving care center for the dogs. If the facility seems suspicious, leave it and check out the next. If while visiting a facility, if there is reason for concern, the facility should also be reported to the local authorities.

Applying For Dog Adoption

Yes, there is usually an application procedure that carefully takes you through the dog adoption process. Although there are hundreds of dogs in need new homes, most organizations do not allow their dogs to leave their care facilities without first requiring you to go through the proper process.

The majority of rescue homes and animal shelters have strict policies that require you to actually apply for dog adoption. No facility wants to see their pets end up in the wrong hands. Fortunately, the approval process is not too difficult.

Before the actual application process, ask for the exact fees you will need to pay. Many organizations charge around $100 for their dogs. If they charge more, find out exactly what they are charging for and this may give you reason to be guarded. Once again, if you feel there is reason to contact the local authorities, please do so.

It’s Now Time To Bring Your New Dog Home

dog adoptionYou have mastered the dog adoption process. Your long-term commitment starts now. When you bring your new dog home, this is their “forever home”. For the first few weeks after the adoption process they can be tough and adjustments will need to be made by every member of the household, including your new dog. Once a bond with your new dog has been built, you can slowly start training and teaching your wonderful new family addition to fit right in. You will be preparing your pet for a lifelong friendship so enjoy!

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